So the voice in my head that’s like “ahhh eat all the bad food and drink all the soda you can eat everythinggg.” I named it Gertrude.

So when that happens I’m like “shutup gertrude you gotta be healthy and stuff.” And I laugh cuz its silly but it makes it easier to say no. And think before I eat.

My boyfriend started work tonight. Its so lonely here without him. He’s gonna work 6 nights a week.

I work when he gets home in the morning. So we have only a little time to see each other during the day. I jusy want school to start. I miss him so much. :(

A message from Anonymous

Hello :) You're beautiful. Do your 50 and 50 for me, please?

You got it. (: and thankyouuuuuuuu<3


I need SUPPPORTIVE blogs to follow to motivate me to get fit. Please suggest or reblog this. Or message me. I need help guys:(